Choosing the Right Light Fixtures—A Hotelier’s Guide

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Choosing the Right Light Fixtures—A Hotelier’s Guide

For hospitality businesses, such as yours, that are looking to improve the area, no matter how minimal or grand the necessary changes are, you should consider switching up light fixtures. It’s essential to base your lighting decisions on the kind of furniture and décor you have to match the feel of the room better.

Since one of your goals is to maintain a stable influx of customers, catering to their needs and meeting their expectations can be achieved by incorporating the right hotel lighting design. Doing so can impact your customer’s moods and enhance their overall experience.

If you want to know how to determine the proper lighting for your business based on the furniture you’re using, keep reading below. 

For Spaces With Dark-Toned Furniture

Wooden furniture that has a dark-hued finish continues to be a widely-known trend, but when misused, they can appear to make the room look darker than it is. You may notice it more if you have small rooms that involve too much furniture.

If you want to brighten up your space without reducing your furniture, you can choose bright hotel room lighting or cold lights. Adding sidelights or strip lights can increase a room’s convenience for your clients, primarily if they need to read or move around without turning on all the lights. 

For Spaces With Light-Toned Fixtures

Hotel rooms that contain light-colored furniture will need the presence of lights that give off natural tones to enhance your amenities. For public spaces made for intimate gatherings, it would be better to use a minimal warm glow with a natural undertone that doesn’t lean towards yellow.

You can also work on rooms where you can expect your guests to unwind and take a break by improving their experience and using indirect lights that give off a natural mood. Don’t overdo it, however, as you don’t want to fill the room with too much hotel lighting that makes it not at all relaxing.

For Hotel Bedrooms 

Hotel bedrooms are the place where your customers retreat to spend their time in private. Aside from that, they can also do other mundane activities, which will require adequate lighting to assist them. Providing a primary source of light is necessary, which could be in the form of ceiling lights or a desk lamp. 

Analyze the color of your rooms and furniture to aid in providing additional light, including adding a reading light fixed near the beds that make use of cold light or natural light. Having some wall lights can also set the mood right as long as their tones are warm and aren’t too intense.

For Hotel Bathrooms  

The lights of your hotel bathrooms aren’t required to match and should instead offer different kinds of lighting that focus on its function rather than complementing your bathroom fixtures. Since a bathroom has other areas, from the shower and bathtub to the sink and toilet, installing various ceiling lights to serve its purpose is highly recommended.

For the showering part of the room, soft and warm yellow lights can increase a customer’s calmness and enhance their experience. Installing warm natural light can also be a good idea because they can relax and won’t have a hard time seeing clearly. For vanity activities, the light you put should be bright enough for people to take a long look at themselves in the mirror without disrupting their alone time. 


Achieving the right lighting for hotel rooms and other hospitality establishments takes time and in-depth research. But with the tips above, knowing the proper lighting to match your furniture and room decors can significantly improve your customer’s stay and influence the reputation of your business. 

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