Charitable Donations & Causes

Importance of Charitable Causes

PTY Custom Lighting is dedicated to supporting our greater community through charitable donations. How do we do this? First, we set aside a portion of our profits to donate to worthy charitable causes. Second, we provide an opportunity for our customers to participate in our community donations through our charitable giving initiative.

This unique opportunity is available to all our customers and does not cost anything extra.

How Our Customers Can Participate in Our Charitable Giving Initiative

We want to make giving easy for our customers. As our valued PTY Custom Lighting customer, you do not have to do anything special to participate in our charitable giving initiative.

When you begin a project with us, simply let us know which of our selected charities you would like to help. Once a purchase order is received, we will give 1% of the final order price to the charity of your choice as a 50/50 donation from us and the customer on your behalf.

Selected PTY Custom Lighting Charities and Fundraising Drives

One of the primary focuses of our charitable giving initiative is helping children and at-risk youth. Here are some of the selected charities, fundraisers, and foundations PTY Custom Lighting has chosen for our charitable giving initiative.

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The Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project supports America’s veterans with caring programs that help with mental wellness, physical health, careers, VA Benefits, and personal independence.
In part, the program helps veterans make that often challenging transition from military service to civilian life. It is particularly helpful for veterans who were injured or disabled while on duty.

At PTY, our Goal in being a sponsor for The Wounded Warrior Project is to help those who sacrificed for our safety in transitioning back into the civilian world by getting the support, help, and thank you our service men & women deserve. Click our Fundraising Link Here to Donate Towards a Worthy Cause.

We are a proud sponsor of the New York Chapter of the Wounded Warrior Project.

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Bob’s Discount Furniture Golf Outing

Bob’s Discount Golf Outing is a special fundraising event to support the Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation set up by Bob’s Discount Furniture. This yearly fun golf tournament launches with a “shotgun start” and includes pool and lunch for non-golfers.
Anyone can participate in the golf tournament – amateurs and pros alike can play golf while raising money for a variety of worthwhile charitable causes. An average of 450 people now participate in this fun event for golfers and golf fans. The annual event also features live and silent auctions.

The Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation is an extremely active charity with more than $2 million in donations and gift certificates provided each year to deserving social service agencies, special group homes, local community fundraisers, non-profits helping children, schools and educational institutions, and active community service groups.

Bob’s Golf Outing focuses on raising money for children’s charities. Here are just a few of the non-profit organizations supported by Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation through the golf tournament: Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters, Camp Rising Sun, Family & Children’s Aid, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, March of Dimes, and Cardinal Cushing Centers.
More than $7 million dollars have been raised in the 31 years since the charity golf tournament started.

PTY Custom Lighting Gives Back – Charitable Donations 3
NEWH Student Scholarship Fund

NEWH is the acronym for the Network of Executive Women in Hospitality. Established in Los Angeles in 1984, this 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was originally founded to support professional women in the hospitality industry. NEWH is now the premiere networking resource for hospitality professionals.

The organization has awarded more than $6 million dollars in scholarships with approximately 2,350 students benefiting. General scholarships, as well as special sponsored scholarships from vendors, are awarded each year. PTY Custom Lighting is supporting a NEWH vendor scholarship to help upcoming hospitality students with strong grades and a demonstrated financial need.

Chapter scholarships are also available to international students and first-year grad students. Colleges must be accredited but otherwise, students are free to choose their program of choice.

PTY Custom Lighting is a proud member of the New York Chapter of NEWH.

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ISHP Benefit for Hollywood HEART

International Society of Hospitality Purchasers (ISHP) hosts a benefit for Hollywood HEART that PTY Custom Lighting participates in as a supporter.
Hollywood HEART (Hope, Education, Art, Recreation, and Therapy) was founded in 1995 as a non-profit organization helping children affected by HIV and AIDS by giving them social and recreational support. These children may be personally infected with HIV or have parents or family members with the disease. Through supportive programs, including summer camps, the affected youth can gain emotional support, new friends, and learn new skills.

One of the neat programs that Hollywood HEART offers is “The Movie Team,” a project to teach the basics of film making to kids. Children can write screenplays, produce and direct movies, and star in their own productions.

The PTY Custom Lighting Difference

As experts in Custom Lighting for the hospitality industry, PTY Lighting is committed to using our position as industry leaders to better our communities. For 30 years, we have applied our motto “From Concept to Creation” to solving some of the most challenging decorative lighting projects. In addition to design, we also manufacture our custom lighting in-house, providing the best in quality and service.

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