The Quirky But Elegant Riu Plaza New York Times Square Hotel

The Quirky But Elegant Riu Plaza New York Times Square Hotel

Hotel Project Case Studies

The Quirky But Elegant Riu Plaza New York Times Square Hotel

The Riu Plaza New York Times Square Hotel is an elegant travelers’ destination with 29 floors and more than 600 upscale rooms. Each room comes with a miniature fridge, high definition satellite television, WiFi, multimedia capabilities, an electronic safe, a desk, adjustable central air and heating, and other perks.

This recently built hotel is perfectly situated in mid-Manhattan at Times Square with convenient access to subways, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, and Fifth Avenue luxury shopping.

The hotel has won a number of awards and certificates, including the HolidayCheck 2018 Award and TUI Top Quality Award for 2018.

This popular Times Square hotel has some unique venues in its public spaces, including a Fashion bar, “The Theater Buffet,” and the Capital Bar, offering a “Grab & Go” concept.

The RIU Hotels & Resorts hotel chain has been in business since 1953 when it was founded in Playa de Palma, Spain as a small boutique hotel. RIU Hotels & Resorts now has approximately 100 hotels in 19 different counties.

The Riu Plaza line of hotels is their urban brand, featuring modern, upscale hotels in major cities such as Panama City, Panama; Guadalajara, Mexico; and Berlin, Germany. The Riu Plaza New York Times Square Hotel was launched in 2016 as one of their flagship properties. PTY Lighting handled lighting and design for the restaurants and lobbies of this iconic hotel.

Why PTY Lighting Was Chosen for This Hotel Lighting Project

PTY Lighting was tasked by Omnibuild Construction, Pineapple Developments to complete the contract hotel lighting for the public spaces at the Riu Plaza New York Times Square Hotel.

We created unique public space lighting for the lobby, restaurant, and other common areas on the first floor of the luxury hotel property.

We were chosen for this challenging project because of our proven experience with public space lighting, our 60-day lead time, and competitive pricing. Many of our clients these days need a quick turnaround to take advantage of new market opportunities. This requires careful coordination with all stakeholders involved from the hotel owners to the construction company working on the interior of the building.

PTY Lighting is known for its excellent communication and ability to work well with diverse clients and multiple teams. We enjoy working with our design partners, and our fantastic results speak for themselves.

The Unique Interior of the Riu Plaza New York Times Square Hotel

A hotel located in the heart of Manhattan at Times Square needs to “pop” and be interesting to guests, travelers, and visitors who might stop by a drink at the hotel bar.

We worked with a highly creative interior design team that created a very eye-catching aesthetic for this modern hotel. Eschewing the drab, muted greys and earth tones that have often been the featured palette for interior decorating as of late, this hotel exudes color. For example, one of the eating spaces mixes purples and teals with white and black for a colorful yet modern look – a slight hint of the fun 1980s is apparent, without all the kitsch.

Into this space, we provided lights that accented the fun aqua-lit curves and chrome bubbles decorating the walls. Dark teal circular ceiling lamps with strong straight lines still allow a lot of light to shine down. Long, rectangular lights with rounded corners provide ambient lighting from the grey and black rectangular pillars in the room.

The “Grab & Go” food area is light by whimsical curved cones that provide direct light above the food. The deli area features an update to old-fashioned “busy” wallpaper, and here, fun birdcages also double as hanging lamps.

The lobby features some of the striking artisanal lamps we are known for. For example, a group of pendant light fixtures is styled with accordion-like circular disks that glow in a comforting, welcoming, warm light. At one end, 5 Edison-style light bulbs hang staggered in a row, to provide a friendly glow by a sitting area.

These are just some of the special lighting solutions we developed for this very quirky yet elegant hotel space.

Why Customers Should Consider Us for Custom Lighting Projects 

PTY Lighting designs and manufactures top quality contract hotel lighting and hospitality lighting. With our highly experienced lighting consultants and designers, PTY Lighting goes one step further, producing hospitality lighting with our in-house manufacturing on the latest production equipment. For these reasons and more, we are chosen by the top hospitality groups to deliver premiere custom hotel lighting for the number one luxury hotels around the globe. 

Elegant and Understated Design for Scarpetta Italian Restaurant in Philadelphia, PA

Elegant and Understated Design for Scarpetta Italian Restaurant in Philadelphia, PA

Hotel Project Case Studies

Elegant and Understated Design for Scarpetta Italian Restaurant in Philadelphia, PA

Scarpetta is an upscale restaurant brand from LDV hospitality that offers flavorful Italian dishes with a high-end dining experience. Scarpetta restaurants are found in five locations: New York City, the Hamptons, Las Vegas, Miami, Philadelphia, and Newport, Rhode Island.

About Scarpetta Italian Restaurant

The name “scarpetta” comes from the Italian phrase “fare la scarpetta,” describing the practice of scooping up the last bit of sauce in the pot with a piece of boot-shaped bread.

Scarpetta is an award-winning restaurant brand, which was nominated for the James Beard “Best New Restaurant in America” distinction. It also garnered a three-star review from the New York Times (which is a high rating for New York Times restaurant reviews).

The essence of this Italian food brand is described on the Scarpetta Restaurants website as:

“The understated, yet elegant approach to design creates an environment that is simultaneously chic, welcoming, and inspiring.”

Scarpetta Philadelphia is located at Rittenhouse Square, a famous public park and neighborhood that has roots in Colonial times. William Penn (for whom the state Pennsylvania is named after) helped planned this park in the late 1600s. Now a charming location for a stroll, as well as all the top “foodie” restaurants, Rittenhouse Square is a popular destination for locals and tourists.

Scarpetta Philadelphia overlooks the park and provides a warm, intimate place to enjoy a glass of wine and fine food with friends, coworkers, and loved ones.

Why PTY Lighting Was Chosen for This Restaurant Lighting Project

Hospitality lighting is a critical piece of the design and function of any restaurant. The lights chosen for the venue not only create a certain type of mood and ambiance, but they also provide important functionality. Restaurant patrons need to be able to read menus clearly, while not being blinded by lights that are too strong. Furthermore, lighting should also enhance the look of the food, making it even more appealing and appetizing.

This is where custom lighting comes in. With the right custom restaurant lighting, the ambiance of a food venue can go from mediocre to amazing.

PTY Lighting was chosen for this contract restaurant lighting project because of our unique attention to details and our proven track record designing and manufacturing large custom lighting pieces. We also have had previous success in providing custom restaurant lighting for the ownership team’s other restaurants.

We worked with LDV Hospitality and Omnibuild Construction to craft unique, welcoming lighting for this upscale Italian bistro. We completed the public space lighting throughout the entire restaurant.

Scarpetta Philadelphia Custom Lighting Style

Scarpetta Philadelphia is listed on the OpenTable restaurant review website as “Casual Elegant.” (The restaurant averages 4.6 stars there with around 800 reviews.) The OpenTable listing describes the venue thusly:

“The understated-yet-elegant approach to design creates an environment that is simultaneously stylish, welcoming, and inspiring, where guests can feel as though they are at a decadent dinner party.”

The overall look and feel is warm yet sophisticated. Brown leather, pale red brick, and dark wood floors are gently lit by strategically placed recessed lights. Trapezoidal ceiling fixtures made from clear glass and burnished metal showcase old-fashioned glowing light bulbs. These unique overhead lamps were created to provide a subtle touch of interest without overly dominating the room. The entire effect is one of welcoming harmony with a slightly masculine but overall warm feel to the entire restaurant.

In creating an understated yet striking look for this Italian restaurant, we worked with LDV Hospitality and Omnibuild Construction to determine the right lighting styles to complement the modern yet traditional interior design.

As always, we provide service from design to manufacturing, to offer a comprehensive lighting solution. Other custom restaurant lighting companies may outsource the manufacturing, which means they have less quality control over the final finished project.

We know, when we are working on a top restaurant brand such as Scarpetta Restaurants, that attention to detail is critical. Each piece must function perfectly and become part of a harmonious whole.

We are very pleased with the end result at Scarpetta Philadelphia, and we encourage you to visit this lovely Italian restaurant if you are in the area. You will enjoy excellent food and a great atmosphere.

Why Customers Should Consider Us for Custom Restaurant Lighting Projects

PTY Lighting delivers high-end contract restaurant lighting and hospitality lighting for the top restaurant brands. We go beyond design and engineering with our in-house lighting manufacturing using the latest production equipment. With our attention to detail, we are often chosen by the premiere hospitality groups to provide high-quality custom restaurant lighting for popular food and drink venues.

PTY Lighting’s Custom Restaurant Lighting for American Cut Steakhouse Restaurant

PTY Lighting’s Custom Restaurant Lighting for American Cut Steakhouse Restaurant

Hotel Project Case Studies

PTY Lighting’s Custom Restaurant Lighting for American Cut Steakhouse Restaurant

Custom restaurant lighting can enhance any restaurant, but it works especially well in America’s top steakhouses.

Known as the “#1 Steakhouse in America”, American Cut Steakhouse is a premier upscale steak restaurant based in New York City. With two hot NYC locations in Tribeca and Manhattan, American Cut Steakhouse also has a location in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and the affluent Buckhead district in Atlanta, Georgia.

American Cut Steakhouse is owned by Chef Marc Forgione. Award-winning Chef Forgione is best known for being the winner of season 3 of Food Network’s “The Next Iron Chef” at the age of 31 years old, which was the youngest age of any winner during the history of the show. He also owns two other renowned restaurants: Restaurant Marc Forgione and Lobster Press.

The company that operates American Cut Steakhouse, LDV Hospitality, is known for promoting a luxurious experience at its 28 food and beverage venues, fine restaurants, upscale bars, and posh nightclubs spread around the world. The aesthetic of LDV Hospitality is to “take inspiration from the iconic classics of Old World cultures and adapt them to our modern social life.”

PTY Lighting was tasked with designing the custom lighting for three of the American Cut Steakhouse locations: Midtown Manhattan in New York City; Atlantic City, New Jersey; and the Buckhead district in Atlanta, Georgia.

American Cut Steakhouse Restaurant Midtown: Manhattan, New York

Any upscale steakhouse in Midtown Manhattan needs the best in custom restaurant lighting. PTY Lighting worked with Omnibuild Construction, LDV Hospitality, and SL Design for this important restaurant lighting project due to its high visibility. American Cut Steakhouse Midtown is located at 109 East 56th Street at The Lombardy Hotel, a four-star hotel located near Rockefeller Center.

PTY Lighting provided public space lighting throughout this deco-inspired restaurant. We were chosen for this project because of our track record with previous American Cut restaurants working with the same ownership group.

The restaurant includes a 36-seat bar and lounge section that features an interactive craft cocktail program. The distinctive custom lighting includes striking geometric ceiling lights in squares, rectangles, and cubes featuring strong lines, bringing together a modern feel with the nostalgic art deco aesthetic. Two burnished half-silver domes light up the cocktail area. The long, rectangular silver wall sconces are sleek yet inviting.

All in all, this custom restaurant lighting project was a huge success, helping put this new steakhouse on the NYC map.

American Cut Steakhouse Atlantic City: Englewood, New Jersey

American Cut Steakhouse has a branch located at the famous Atlantic City boardwalk at the Ocean Resort Casino. This upscale luxury casino bucks the downscale trend set earlier by old-fashioned “tacky” casinos that used to be the standard fare in this seaside gambling town. The addition of the American Cut Steakhouse supports the recent revitalization of Atlantic City as it works to attract more millennials.

This was PTY Lightning’s first project for an American Cut Steakhouse location. We were chosen due to our ability to work with interior designers to create large, custom public space lighting fixtures.

Omnibuild Construction, LDV Hospitality, and SL Design were PTY Lightings partners on this custom restaurant lighting project to provide custom lighting throughout the new steak restaurant.

American Cut Steakhouse Buckhead: Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia is not called “Hotlanta” just for the steamy summer weather. This happening city has its share of fascinating nightlife and five-star restaurants for discerning foodies.

The Buckhead district in Atlanta is located in the northern part of the city and is surrounded by high-rise offices, posh hotels, historic mansions, and upscale condos. This affluent area draws visitors due to its boutique shops and top-rated restaurants such as American Cut Steakhouse.

PTY Lightning was once again invited to design, engineer, and manufacture custom lighting for this new location of the American Cut brand due to our past success with them.

We worked with Omnibuild Construction, LDV Hospitality, and SL Design to construct memorable public space lighting throughout this in-demand restaurant. A lounge and bar make up the first floor. The main dining area upstairs seats 102, and two private dining rooms offer an even more “upscale and decadent” dining experience. The restaurant offering a warm, intimate atmosphere with recessed lighting and art-deco style overhead lamps with ironwork tiers.

Why Customers Should Consider Us for Custom Restaurant Lighting Projects

PTY Lighting provides the best in contract restaurant lighting and hospitality lighting. Beyond just design and engineering, PTY Lighting provides hospitality lighting manufacturing with the latest production equipment. For these reasons and more, we are chosen by the top hospitality groups to deliver premiere custom restaurant lighting for the number one restaurants in America and the world.

PTY Lighting’s Custom Lights for The Bernic Hotel New York City

PTY Lighting’s Custom Lights for The Bernic Hotel New York City

Hotel Project Case Studies

PTY Lighting’s Custom Lights for The Bernic Hotel New York City

T​he Bernic Hotel New York City is a chic boutique hotel in NYC’s extravagant financial district in the heart of Midtown East. The hotel slogan is: “Where urban exploration meets global inspiration”, which speaks to the millennial aesthetic of adventure and sophistication that inspires this intriguing location.

Take a Look Inside The Bernic Hotel New York City

Intrepid guests who want something more than the standard touristy fare found in Times Square will enjoy this authentic New York experience. Located in the historic Turtle Bay neighborhood, T​he Bernic Hotel New York City is situated in the old stomping grounds of luminaries such as Andy Warhol, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Katherine Hepburn, Bob Dylan, and Stephen Sondheim.

Nearby attractions include the United Nations building, Fifth Avenue shopping, MacArthur Park, the Beaux Arts Institute, Turtle Bay Gardens, the Roosevelt Island Tramway, the 9-11 Memorial, and, for those wanting a taste of the stage arts, Times Square’s Theater District. Grand Central Station is also nearby, an attraction in and of itself.

T​he Bernic Hotel New York City has 96 rooms and suites with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city. The Premier Penthouse Suite includes a living area made spacious with 23-foot ceilings and a full-sized kitchen. The king-sized bedroom also has a walk-in closet.

Rooms are decked out with the best amenities, including environmentally friendly boxed water, complimentary WiFi connectivity, pillowtop beds, luxe bedding, bathrobes, slippers, a Nespresso coffee station, mini fridge, and large flat screen HD television. A Distributed Antenna System is set up to make sure that each guest can access their cellular phone service.

As you can see, this boutique hotel caters to discerning customers who expect the best. The lighting, therefore, needs to be commensurate with the upscale offerings of the hotel.

Why PTY Lighting Was Chosen for This Contract Hotel Lighting Project

PTY Lighting has a lot of experience creating contract hotel lighting for four and five-star hotels of all sizes, from the best boutique hotels to large luxury chains.

To complete the custom lighting for this hotel build, we worked with Hersha Purchasing and Design and Marjian Development.

We were selected for The Bernic Hotel New York City because of our previous experience working successfully with Hersha Purchasing and Design. We were also chosen for the high quality of our portable lamps produced on previous projects.

PTY Lighting provided all the guestroom lighting for the Bernic project.

Hotel Lighting with a Distinctive Urban Look

The Bernic Hotel New York City takes inspiration from mid-century modern design styles with clean lines peppered with subtle accents. Tans, browns, beiges, and greys are complimented with eye-popping blues and chartreuse.

This being a boutique hotel in the heart of New York City, some of the room sizes are smaller, requiring us to be mindful of space when designing and planning the lighting.

The available rooms come in the following categories:

  • Corner One King Bed with Balcony (Sleeps 2)
  • Corner King with Step Out Balcony
  • One Queen Bed
  • One King Bed
  • One Queen Bed with Balcony (Sleeps 2)
  • One Queen Bed Deluxe with Balcony (Sleeps 2)
  • One King Bed with Step Out Balcony (Sleeps 2)
  • Mobility & Accessible King Bed with Balcony (Sleeps 2)
  • One King Studio Suite with Sofa Bed & Balcony (Sleeps 3)
  • Premier Penthouse Suite

The main bedside lamps are simple yet elegant, with rectangular off-white lampshades on a simple metal base. To provide reading light above the bed without taking up more room, some headboards are equipped with small, adjustable chrome lamps. The desk areas are lit with overhead recessed lamps and include a small angular reading lamp that offers direct light when needed.

The Premiere Penthouse Suite is where we really get to “shine” (pardon the lighting pun!). One of our favorite lighting fixtures is a trio of pendant lamps hanging in the corner of the living room from the high ceiling. Spherical, with a whimsical cutout pattern and glowing orange light bulbs inside, this lamp set evokes the mystery and fun of the mod 1960s while providing a friendly glow at the small dining table.

Why Customers Should Consider Us for Custom Lighting Projects 

PTY Lighting creates and manufactures beautiful contract hotel lighting and hospitality lighting for sophisticated patrons. Our highly experienced lighting experts and designers provide the best customer service in the industry.

We also produce quality hospitality lighting with our in-house manufacturing using the latest production equipment. This is why we are chosen by the top hospitality groups to deliver premiere custom hotel lighting for boutique and luxury hotels in the hottest locations around the world. 

Hotel Reviews from PTY Lighting’s Completed Custom Hotel Lighting Projects

Hotel Reviews from PTY Lighting’s Completed Custom Hotel Lighting Projects

Hotel Project Case Studies

Hotel Reviews from PTY Lighting’s Completed Custom Hotel Lighting Projects

PTY Lighting really enjoys creating unique and memorable custom lighting for our valued hotel clients. When we are finished helping with a hotel build – whether it is a brand-new building or a renovation – we are always thrilled to see the results. The interior design teams we work with are highly creative and some of the amazing spaces that are unveiled truly astonish us.

Hotel lighting is that last piece of the interior design puzzle that can make or break a room. Good custom lighting sets off the furniture, architecture, and artwork in the best way possible. Bad interior lighting can wash out a room or turn it into a glaring headache.

In-depth planning is required, along with harmonious cooperation among stakeholders and teams, in order to get the best results in hotel lighting.

We’re proud of the results of our custom lighting projects.

Guest Reviews of Hotels with Our Custom Lighting

If you are looking for a great place to stay when you are traveling, you might want to check out some of the hotels we have worked with. Here are a few things guests had to say about these hotels and the lighting:

American Golden Tower Panama City

American Golden Tower Panama City in Panama is a 5-star hotel that is a popular destination for tourists. One of the signature pieces of this fine hotel is the stunning 60-foot chandelier in the lobby, designed and manufactured by PTY Lighting.

This chandelier actually utilizes a number of different hanging lights to create an outline of the country of Panama. The lighting fixture attracts passers-by, making the lobby “selfie central.”

Guests rate the hotel highly for its fabulous interior design. Dyllanm writes in his review on “The architecture is beautiful, the pool deck is spectacular, the beds are comfortable and the shower is great.”

On TripAdvisor, cmahar writes: “The room was lovely, perhaps even a bit extravagant for our taste. Tasteful styling, it seems like everything is all curves. There’s this giant circle inset in the ceiling that glows at night. And the shelves on either side of the writing desk were back-lighted.”

Embassy Suites Denton Texas

The Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center (isn’t that a mouthful!) is a recently built modern hotel in Denton, Texas connected to the 70,000-foot Denton Convention Center. PTY Lighting worked with Embassy Suites, O’Reilly Hospitality Management, and MatchLine Design Group to provide all contact hotel lighting for this build.

Garnering a very solid 5-star rating of Excellent on TripAdvisor from guest reviews, the Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center launch has been a huge success.

One of the most popular features of this high-tech hotel were the light switches in the guest rooms.

One user, rhgranddad, explains how they work in a positive review: “But the greatest help was the light switches. Each room’s master switch controls each light in that room and the switch at door and a switch that controls all lights in the suite!! One switch to touch as you leave and everything is off!”

Another reviewer, I6724XRjohnc, wrote: “I think out of all the hotels I’ve stayed in this is the most modern and tech-savvy hotel I’ve stayed in a while. They had a Bluetooth mirror that you could play music while you’re in the shower, all the light switches controlled various lights in the room made it very easy.”

JW Marriott Hotel Lima

The JW Marriott Hotel Lima is another highly rated luxury hotel with a 4.5-star customer review rating of “Excellent” on TripAdvisor.

PTY Lighting produced the custom lighting fixtures for the guest rooms, which ranged in size from a deluxe (fitting a king size bed or two double beds) to a “Presidential Suite.”

Two of the most common words used by happy guests in their reviews are “amazing” and “luxurious.” The rooms (along with the lights) were a big hit. For example, on, Charlie from the United Kingdom writes:

“We had a vast suite with soft carpets, a big sofa to lie down on, two bathrooms, wide and high windows facing west across the sea and to the north, a big bathtub that fits two comfortably, a huge bed, access to the lounge. It was spacious enough to have people over, very comfortable and well-styled and the staff were friendly and professional.”

His only complaint is that he had to pay extra for WiFi.

Why Customers Should Consider PTY Lighting for Custom Lighting Projects

PTY Lighting works with the top hospitality groups to create custom lighting solutions for the luxury hotel market. Our contract hotel lighting excels in part due to our in-house lighting manufacturing, using the latest production equipment.

With our keen attention to detail and knowledgeable lighting experts, PTY Lighting helps create memorable spaces that result in happy repeat customers.  

Seeing the Project Through – Embassy Suites, Texas

Seeing the Project Through – Embassy Suites, Texas

Hotel Project Case Studies

Seeing the Project Through – Embassy Suites, Texas

Who Was Involved?


Cost Savings


Lead Time Saved

The Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center in Denton, Texas is a newly designed and built hotel that is located conveniently in Denton’s Rayzor Ranch Town Center entertainment district. The Denton Convention Center is 70,000 square feet and designed to handle 1,700 people.

All of the guest rooms in this Embassy Suites location are, as the name suggests, suites, and the average size is approximately 500 square feet. In addition to the bedroom, each suite features a living room with a couch that can also be converted into a bed, a desk for working, and a wet bar with a miniature fridge, microwave oven, and coffeemaker.

In addition to the Convention Center, the hotel also offers its own meeting rooms within the hotel as well as extensive outdoor space that includes an 8,000 square foot “event lawn.” A massive rooftop patio provides views of the Rayzor Ranch Town Center and encompasses 3,000 square feet.

PTY Lighting assisted in providing all of the decorative lighting for the hotel. Production started March 17, 2017 and finished August 20, 2017. We worked with Embassy Suites, O’Reilly Hospitality Management, and MatchLine Design Group on the project.

With its connection to the Denton Convention Center, the Embassy Suites hotel is designed to appeal to business travelers who need a place to stay that enables them to equally relax and conduct business.

At the same time, the hotel may also attract non-working guests, with its outdoor space designed to work as a great spot for weddings. With this in mind, the design of the hotel needed to be modern and not overly burdened with flashy design. Most of the interior decoration in the hotel is comprised of clean lines with muted colors.

Much of the decorative lighting follows this style of clean, simple lines, with guest hallway wall sconces offering a streamlined rectangular shape. Guest rooms offer a variety of complimentary lighting styles, from the distinctive curved wood slats in the pendulum lights to oval-shaped burnished metal lampshades next to the bed.

Of course, we love making signature pieces that truly set a hotel apart. We created quite a few for The Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center.

One chandelier takes its inspiration from the pendulums that keep time in an old Grandfather’s Clock. The lights in this chandelier are in long, clear glass tubes that suspend from the ceiling and are balanced out by simple metal weights. A slight hint of filament can be seen, which evokes the romance of old lighting while keeping a modern look.

Our favorite chandelier is the one inspired by the local music scene: What looks like the flute of a trumpet or trombone flares out from multiple brass pipes, creating what appears to be a unique instrument made of lights.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and it is a certification for green building. In fact, it is the most widely recognized and used green building certification on the planet.

Being LEED-certified shows a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. Of course, this applies to all of the lighting that is used in a building. Hotels that want to be LEED-certified must have efficient lighting that does not unnecessarily waste energy.

At PTY Lighting, we are experts in designing and manufacturing highly efficient hotel lighting that meets or exceeds LEED standards. We use the latest technologies such as LED lights that can work with smart grids.

We are proud that The Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center has not only received LEED certification, it has achieved the coveted gold-level standard.

LEED buildings can earn certifications in four categories based on points. The more points you earn, the better the certification. The level “Certified” is the basic certification requiring 40-49 points. Then comes “Silver,” which requires 50-59 points. The “Gold” level has a wider point span of 60-79 points. The highest level of certification is Platinum, which needs 80 points or more and is quite rare.

Part of the design of The Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center includes solar panels on the roof to help generate 15 to 20 percent of the power needed for the entire hotel/convention center complex.

The Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center would not be able to achieve Gold level certification without energy efficient lighting. We are proud to help make that happen.

The Best in Hospitality Lighting Design and Manufacturing

At PTY Lighting, we do more than just supply hotel lights. As hospitality lighting manufacturers and design consultants, we are experts in restaurant and hotel lighting design. From start to finish, we can design and then manufacture your custom lights, providing logistical support throughout the process. We work hard to give you the best, most cost-effective lighting solution. Contact us today for a consultation.