Brighten Up Your Space: 3 Ways Lighting Design Impacts The Customer Experience

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Brighten Up Your Space: 3 Ways Lighting Design Impacts The Customer Experience

In the heydays of interior design, the lighting was a separate function that was only necessary to improve the space’s visibility. Seeing how lighting directly influences the mood and atmosphere has quickly become a key component in modern designs as it can transform anything it touches – from the shape, size, feel of the room, and even the customer’s emotions.

Seeing the impact of lighting design in the customer experience, and therefore any business, the list below should help shed some light on how it’s an essential atmospheric tool that can drive your engagement in more ways than one.

Benefit #1: Good Lighting Highlights The Product Appeal

Lighting design can change a person’s perception of the space, which is often associated with your brand. When browsing through the food in restaurants or the best-sellers in a retail store, the right fixtures can put a spotlight on your offer and create a stunning impression.

Lighting can make budget-friendly spaces look luxurious, giving the products a high-end feel. Meanwhile, it can also add a dynamic touch to the room by shifting color temperatures to elicit different customers’ responses.

Benefit #2: Good Lighting Can Act As A Natural Guide To Customers

When browsing around your hotel, retail store, or restaurant, lighting design can naturally help customers navigate your space without a hitch. Different fixtures, intensities, and colors in lighting can dress up the area for its unique purpose, from bright lighting in lobbies to dimmer ones in lounge areas to create a sense of intimacy and relaxation.

When using lighting as a navigational tool that tells the direction of your space, consider the following custom lighting for your hospitality business:

  • Ambient Lighting – This should emphasize the whole narrative or personality of the space;
  • Accent Lighting – Sticking to ceiling lights, no matter how grand, can make for a one-dimensional finish. Accent lightings add more textural interest and depth in rooms, especially when highlighting particular products in stores;
  • High-Activity Lighting – Ensures every corner of the room is visible to boost your customers’ safety and call attention to every item in the store.

Benefit #3: Good Lighting Can Invite People And Build Trust

When walking down a busy street and you see a cafe in the corner, you’re likely to feel tempted to enter the hole-in-the-wall joint if you see it gives off a charming, homey impression with its warm lighting.

Lighting has the power to influence what establishments emanate, which means it can tell parts of your story at first glance. With an attractive set-up, you can build your curb appeal and spark curiosity in passers-by, inviting them to explore what you can offer.

The Bottom Line: Good Lighting Design Can Illuminate Better Experiences And Highlight Positive Moods In Commercial Spaces

Good lighting is a crucial mood-changing accessory that has a powerful effect on the consumers’ mood and behavior. With the right lighting set in place, it can create joyful experiences that evoke your customers’ desired emotions.

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If you are looking for custom lighting suppliers in the US to help you stay on top of the lighting trends, we are your best option. Our custom lighting designs and fixtures can set the mood right to match any setting or occasion, so your customers can see the value of your business in a new light. Get in touch with us today to see how we brighten up your commercial space today!

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