Best Ways to Use Hotel Lighting for Enhancing Your Property

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Best Ways to Use Hotel Lighting for Enhancing Your Property

One of the most overlooked parts of the atmosphere and design of any property is the lighting, and this is abundantly clear when it comes to hospitality establishments like hotels. After all, the way a room is lit has a direct impact on the atmosphere and affects the hotel’s staff and guests. 

A lobby can be cool and modern when the correct dramatic lighting is used. However, if the lighting is dated, the space will then look like it needs renovation or refurbishment. Does your lighting situation currently fall short of expectations? If so, here are some ideas on the best ways to use hotel lighting for enhancing your property.

For safety purposes, keep hallways, parking areas, and staircases lit

The safety of your guests and staff is your primary concern. In line with this, crucial areas like hallways, parking areas, and staircases should remain well-lit. Another issue with badly-lit areas is it can give off a heavy, nerve-wracking feeling. In order to better help guests navigate the space, room numbers should be well-lit as well. Pay extra attention to having emergency lighting on the emergency exits and all routes for evacuation across the property.

Look into custom lighting if you have to so that your room numbers can be lit in a uniform way across the whole hotel.

Keep the transitions in mind

The transitions amidst areas that are lit differently need to be mapped out well. This way, your staff and guests will not have any jarring experiences. Just imagine stepping out of an area with soft, flickering lights, only to enter a room lit with bright white light. Unpleasant, isn’t it? Think about improving the transition by properly lighting areas like alcoves, doorways, and even hallways. 

When guests come in from the outside, they will need some time to adjust. It’s important for the transition area to be somewhat bright in the daytime, even matching the sunlight’s tone. When the nighttime comes around, it’s key for a shift to a tone that’s softer and warmer. The best way to go about things is to have two separate sets of lights. An alternative can be to get a dimmer, which will automatically change depending on what time it is in the day.

Make the most of natural lighting

A large part of a person’s day—if not their entire lifetime—is spent indoors. People who work in offices spend hours on end within four walls. Even those on vacation spend quite a bit of time indoors. Why not bring some aspects of the outdoors in? 

Making natural light a part of your hotel lighting design will bring several benefits, including boosting your staff and guests’ energy while lowering costs and energy consumption. It also allows for your space to be more integrated with the surroundings in general.

Remain aware of efficiency in consumption of energy

With the advancement of technology, much has been done in terms of lighting solutions being sustainable. Hotel room lighting can be done in this way. Aside from cutting costs for you, this will also help your hotel’s branding. Having sustainability is great for the environment, and will also appeal to a wide variety of customers.


Lighting in any space can greatly affect a person’s mood. This is particularly true for hotels. The effect is usually subtle but makes a great impact nonetheless.

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