Tips for Bespoke, Custom Hotel Lobby Lighting

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Tips for Bespoke, Custom Hotel Lobby Lighting

Bespoke Custom Hotel Lobby Lighting

When you first walk into a hotel, the first room you will walk into is the lobby. This is a hotel’s first impression, as guests see it first and may sit there, spending some time in the area. It is important that it looks and feels right. Lighting designers love to work on hotel lobbies because it can bring some unique opportunities and challenges. A hotel lobby is an area of many uses and should be warm, welcoming and a setting on behalf of the hotel. The lobby can give guests a taste of the hotel’s overall style and vibe, through a luxurious space. It should be able to change its look from day to night. The best way to set the mood of a room is lighting. Here are some ways to keep your corners lit and your low tables bright:

Welcoming Light

In more luxurious hotels, a good lobby will make people feel comfortable and welcome while at the same time reinforcing their hotel choice. For a hotel that gets walk-ins, the lobby they walk into could be the make or break to whether or not they stay. In most cases, hotels prefer to use soft warm lighting that is more yellow than white or blue.

Practical Light

A hotel lobby is a hive of activity and can see a variety of people pass through it, all with their own agenda. Whether it’s staff waiting for guests or meetings, it is important that practicality is not sacrificed for style. Guests and staff will need to be able to easily navigate through the lobby with luggage. Wall lights and LED guide strips can focus light in key areas such as the check-in desk, walkways, and the various seating areas. Creating both paths and pools of light will make guests feel more comfortable and relaxed when staying at the hotel.

Extraordinary Light

The hotel lobby is a fantastic place to communicate a brand’s overall style. Lobby lighting is a great place for designers to display flair and tact and combine practicality with aesthetic. Bespoke lighting creates a truly unique atmosphere and a look worthy of those glossy travel magazines. A centerpiece or lighting feature can really impress your guests while setting your establishment apart from the competition. In many hotels, the lobby can be one of the biggest spaces to light. Smaller lights may seem to get lost in such a large area, whereas bigger statement pieces can still draw the eye and look breathtaking and luxurious. The best way to create a feeling of height and space is to cluster a large ceiling and use different height to create additional levels of interest. If your hotel has particularly beautiful moldings or ceiling details, then directional lighting could make the ceiling a focal point for guests.

Adaptable Light

Lighting solutions need to be particularly versatile in hotel lobbies because they will be seen at all hours of the day and night. When a hotel has larger windows, let in as much natural light as possible by tying back curtains and raising the blinds, allowing your statement ceiling lighting to become more decorative during the day. Let your lobby lighting really shine at night with dashes of small LED’s to lend a little sparkle to dark corners, large chandeliers can take center stage, and wall and picture lights can draw attention to interesting architectural details or artwork. For more information on hotel lighting in general, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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