Benefits of Creatively Lighting Your Boutique Hotel

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Benefits of Creatively Lighting Your Boutique Hotel

Lighting has an incredible impact on the general atmosphere of any property. When you have a boutique hotel, this is one of the factors that would leave an impression on your guests. This sets the mood entirely, and you want your guests to feel that your space is comfortable, inviting, and warm. The last thing you want is to give off a vibe that is business-like and harsh, because that will throw guests off completely.

There are a lot of hospitality lighting companies out there for this exact reason. You can actually take things a step further; aside from getting standard lighting, there are actually ways to use lighting creatively.

Let’s look at some benefits of creatively lighting your boutique hotel:

Don’t discount the importance of natural lighting

If you are able to have large windows with airy treatments, do so! Natural light will be able to stream into your dining areas, guest spaces, and lobby. This will let your guests feel far more at ease and very comfortable during their stay.

Ensure that lighting is adequate and appropriate in every part of your property

Hallways and small corners need good lighting too! The worst thing that could happen is for your guests to get into some kind of accident because they fell over, stumbled, or tripped through areas where the lighting is improper.

Have various kinds of lighting in guest rooms, in order to allow flexibility so that they can set the mood themselves

Hotel room lighting should always include overhead lights, which make the space brighter as needed. On top of that, lamps and wall light fixtures should be present so that guests can create a dim light as needed. Reading in dim light in the evening can very well be preferred by the same people who need bright overhead lights to get ready in the morning. Letting guests customize their experience is very important.

Highlight the important details

You can use up-lighting to emphasize the special details throughout your property. If there are historical artifacts, paintings, or sculptures around, make use of lighting like pin lights or LED lights around a display case. Make sure to incorporate the light fixtures in places in your boutique hotel that will be highlighted in the best possible way.

Keep the lighting technology simple

While there are a plethora of lighting technologies available today, some of them are not particularly intuitive. Choose one that will reduce the amount of overall energy used, helping you save on costs, while still being convenient for your guests to operate.

Keep the light fixtures away from your guests’ direct line of sight

If you place lamps and other light fixtures at your guests’ eye level, it can impair their vision by causing glares. Blindsiding them is not an option, especially not from the very moment they walk into your hotel and start their check-in process. By simply adjusting the height of the light fixtures, a calm and welcoming atmosphere will be created, which is absolutely ideal for greeting guests.


While design elements can be the most important part of choosing lighting for your boutique hotel, it’s not everything. Consider the overall atmosphere you want to have on your property. If you find this overwhelming or simply don’t have the time, consult a professional.

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