All in the Lighting: Finding the Right Lighting for Your Hotel

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All in the Lighting: Finding the Right Lighting for Your Hotel

What makes a hotel successful? Is it in the location, the name, the staff?

It’s all in the experience. 

Hotels are meant to provide guests with excellent service so they can have the best experience possible while staying with you. When they enter your hotel, they expect to be welcomed with hospitality and be comforted by your softest beds. When you please your customers, you will generate great leads and have more positive reviews.

The hospitality business is all about pleasing your customers and meeting—even exceeding—their expectations. Many hotel owners strive for the perfect recipe, the tried and tested formula to improve their business and optimize customer experience to increase profit. Some conduct live concerts, others provide spa services, while others offer exceptional culinary experiences.

While all of these things make for an innovative experience, you should never forget the basics. 

The Role of Hospitality Lighting

It may not be as refreshing as a pool or as exciting as a concert, but lighting is just as essential to your hotel’s success. Lighting can be the difference between a bad and a good experience.  The right light can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your guests, while the wrong light can cause discomfort to the eyes, detracting from a nicely-decorated room!

When it comes to hotel lighting, you should always keep your guests in mind. Lights aren’t just there to illuminate your corridors and rooms; they significantly affect how your customers will feel during their stay. 

How to Get the Best Lighting

You should take lighting seriously. From its intensity to its placement, you have to make use of light the right way to differentiate yourself from the competition and improve the guest experience in a subtle but effective manner.

Here are the best tips that will help you enhance your lighting and improve the guest experience at your hotel:

Work with a Light Planner

Light with style—a light planner can help you determine how your lighting’s appearance should be and how it can enhance the interior. That way, your guests will surely have a great first impression of your hotel. 

Complement the Room’s Interior

While statement lamps are a great focal point, you must ensure that they don’t look out of place. Your lighting must still fit the overall design of the hotel’s public areas and rooms. Be careful in choosing your light fixtures, as their design feature will highlight the room’s concept.

Keep Watch of the Watts

Illumination is vital to the guest experience. While offices require direct lighting to keep the place well-lit, the lighting in hotel bedrooms should never be too intense. Hotel room lighting is responsible for the mood, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and rest. You can improve the ambiance of your hotel rooms by installing any of the light fixtures below:

  • Floor lamps
  • Wall lamps
  • Chain lights
  • Bedside lamps


Lighting plays a big role in the overall experience of your guests. Depending on your lighting’s complexity and design, look for a hotel lighting supplier that can provide what you need. Once you have the proper lighting installed, your customers will have a much better stay at your hotel.

PTY Custom Lighting can provide your hotel with the best lighting possible! For the past ten years, we have helped create custom lighting fixtures for some of the most prestigious brands and respected businesses around the world. Request for a quote today!

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Why Customers Should Consider Us for Custom Lighting 

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