A Guide to Designing Your Light System like the Pros

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A Guide to Designing Your Light System like the Pros

Any restaurant stands out by using the correct custom hospitality lighting. Lighting can significantly impact the restaurant’s mood and affect how the food looks on its plate.

The proper lighting can encourage customers to spend more money and return to your restaurant.

According to a study, 72 percent of respondents reported leaving a restaurant earlier than expected because of poor lighting. The same survey found that 74 percent said they spent more time in the restaurant because it was well-lit.

The key to custom hospitality lighting is setting the right mood and not overwhelming diners with the wrong types of light.

Here’s how you can design your lighting system like the pros:

Make Custom Hospitality Lighting a Key Design Factor

Designers need to include the placement of lights in their plans to ensure that the design has enough electricity sockets to supply the lighting needs of the restaurant. Each area needs to be lit. Whether they need to be bright or dim will be discussed later on in the article.

Remember Exterior Lighting

Proper exterior lighting will draw attention to the restaurant and let potential diners know that it is open. Custom hospitality lighting should be enough to give a sense of security, avoid accidents, and contribute to a positive first impression of the restaurant.

Use Different Kinds of Lights

Proper custom hospitality lighting requires different layers. Ambient light sets the general level, while accent lights draw attention to specific room portions.

You will also need direct light in areas where workers, such as cash registers, bars, and the kitchen—this aids their visibility and the accomplishment of their tasks.

The most common custom hospitality lighting options are:

  • Ambient: The most commonly used in bars and restaurants, this is known for creating warmth and depth in a room and illuminating a space without glare.
  • Accent: This is a form of lighting that focuses on one area of a room or object in the room. The brighter lights are placed around an area or object to illuminate it rather than the room as a whole.
  • Task: Task lighting provides light for up-close tasks, like a table. Usually, task lighting isn’t meant to light a whole room, but it is beneficial in any space that gets dark at night or is dim.

Trends Are Useful References

It can be challenging to stay on top of trends without letting the restaurant feel stale, but newer lighting sources like LEDs can help. LEDs can save money by reducing energy costs and maintenance for light bulbs and maintaining a fresh ambiance for patrons.

Color Variance Helps

We recommend using warm yellow lights on dining stalls, tables, and the bar to create a friendly, inviting atmosphere for your guests. Use only white lights for functional areas such as the bathrooms, kitchen, and counters.

And So Does Brightness

Custom hospitality writing is essential for creating the right atmosphere. As mentioned earlier, warm, cozy lighting makes diners feel more comfortable and makes them more likely to stay longer.

Instead of a regular light switch, use a knob for your lights so you can adjust their ambient brightness according to the time of day and their position in the room, making sure that they always display a warm, cozy glow.

The same can be done for white light bulbs in your restaurant’s or bar’s functional areas for employees to work better.

In Conclusion

We hope this guide will help you set up your lighting system as the pros do! Custom hospitality lighting is essential to making a restaurant stand out, set the mood, and draw in more customers. And what restauranteur or bar owner doesn’t want that? After all, these are the people who are paying your bills.

Custom hospitality lighting can be made easy with PTY Custom Lighting. We specialize in creating the right ambiance for your guest rooms, public spaces, restaurants, and residential areas. Visit our website to request a quote from us!

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