6 Lighting Mistakes to Avoid for Your Hospitality Business

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6 Lighting Mistakes to Avoid for Your Hospitality Business

Did you know that lighting has a significant impact on any space? It’s not only the piece of furniture that can enhance the area, as illumination fixtures take the appeal to another level. This is why you need to carefully consider the lights you install in your hospitality establishment to set a welcoming vibe. With that, your space must have the right lighting in place, especially if you receive regular clients because poor lighting can harm your image and establishment. 

If you want to boost your hospitality business’s reputation in the eyes of regular and potential clients, here are six common lighting mistakes to avoid: 

1. Too Much Focus On The Ceiling

A common mistake that owners make is leaving all of the weight of the lighting on the ceiling. Indeed, having ceiling fixtures are great, but you also need to think about side lighting. When you focus too much on ceiling chandeliers, it can make other areas in the room poorly-lit, which will make the whole room look and feel unbalanced. 

2. Too Much White Light

White light is excellent for workspaces, but not so much for hotels that receive families and couples on vacation. When your establishment accepts customers, you need to ensure a special environment that can make them feel right at home and relaxed. White light often gives off a cold vibe that you don’t want your clients to feel when they’re at your hotel. Avoid giving off that vibe to your customers, and use warmer lighting instead in areas where customers will settle in for that cozy feeling. 

3. Not Thinking About Shadow Areas

Shadow areas become apparent when accent lights are not placed properly. These areas will also make the space look smaller and less attractive to potential patrons. When putting up lights, remember that you need to be strategic, think of the shadow areas in the space, and ensure that these are well lit. 

With high-end decorative lighting from PTY Custom Lighting, you can easily enhance the appeal of your public areas to attract many people into your establishment!

4. Improper Placement Of Switches

Did you know that the location of the switches is important? This is especially true for hotels because improper placement can turn away guests. Keep in mind that switches are a significant part of your lighting, and they must be located where people can access them easily. The best areas for lighting switches are next to the door as they enter their rooms.

5. Not Experimenting With Different Types Of Lighting

Some business owners tend to err (too much) on the side of caution when it comes to lighting. However, installing different types of lighting in a business environment is crucial to bring in new appeals. By doing so, you get to make customers feel more comfortable and right at home.

6. Not Thinking About Practicality

It’s easy to get swayed by beautiful lights that all you would want to do is buy and install them without thinking about their practicality. For example, string lights are trendy and they look good, but they are very impractical because they concentrate lots of light in a single area. With functional lighting designs, your guests will be able to feel safe as they walk through hallways or see their menus clearly.


At this point, you now realize that the right type of lighting can make a significant difference in your hospitality business area. This is why you need to think about using custom lighting to ensure you achieve a vibe that will make your customers feel comfortable. As a business owner, you must be aware of the six common lighting mistakes mentioned above to avoid them. On top of that, be sure to choose custom lighting that can help your business achieve success! 

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