5 Essential Tips for Planning Your Guest Room Lighting

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5 Essential Tips for Planning Your Guest Room Lighting

The most straightforward approach for a hotel to wow its visitors is to surround them with stunning visuals. Lighting has a significant impact in this regard. While your hotel’s interior design, luxurious décor, music, cuisine, entertainment services, and so on are essential components of the guest experience, your hotel’s lighting may either enhance or ruin it.

With that said, here are some key design ideas for planning your hotel guest room lighting:

1. Follow a Layered Approach

The most successful scheme will layer lighting to create the appropriate atmosphere for the visitor, taking into account different aspects such as the purpose of the light, time of day, and so on. Beginning at the ground level, examine how floor uplights, skirting level marker lights, wall lights, pendant, ceiling, and downlights may work together to influence the room’s atmosphere.

You want that initial “wow” experience, which lighting is particularly capable of conveying, just like in a lovely hotel bedroom. However, the layers should be gradually reduced to perhaps just a tiny directed beam from an LED reading light, allowing visitors to continue reading a book they can’t put down as their companion sleeps alongside them.

2. Emphasize Focal Points

If the room has a primary focal point, such as a fashionable piece of artwork or a charming bed set, the lighting should direct the guest’s attention to that area of the room. Direct lighting in that location will make it the first thing to see when someone enters the space.

3. Choose a ‘Unified Look’ for Your Lighting System

Consider using a “family” of luminaires to create a unified aesthetic in the guest room. In other words, wall, floor, and table lights have a design link to give the lighting system a coordinated, holistic, and consistent sense.

4. Make Your Bathroom Lighting Functional

Bathrooms, like any other area, ought to be addressed creatively. To enable a purposeful morning ritual for your guests, practical yet flattering illumination is requiredfor example, lamps on either side of the mirror reduce shadows on the face. On the other hand, lower-level illumination provides the bathroom with a cozy, spa-like atmosphere which gives guests a feeling of relaxation after a long day and before a long dip in the bath. It significantly improves the guest experience.

5. Give Guests Easy Lighting Control

It is an excellent idea to give guests easy control over the room lighting. Guests like options, so choosing which areas of the guest room are illuminated—and how brightly—will improve their overall experience.

But there should also be simple ways to turn off all those lights when it’s time to go to bed or when visitors leave the room. Nobody wants to spend ten minutes going around the room trying to figure out which switch shuts off which light—or, worse, sleeping with the lights on because the switches are too complicated. These issues can be solved with a central switch or even two. One switch should ideally be at the entryway and another near the bed, making it simple to turn all lights on and off as needed.


While the hotel industry strives to create unique environments for its visitors, many fail to consider the benefits of professional lighting design. Lighting design is influenced by aesthetics, energy efficiency, sustainability, and sophisticated control systems. The goal, however, should always be to create a realistic and balanced lighting system that can combine comfort and safety. With a custom lighting design company, these are all within easy reach.

If you want to elevate your hotel guest room experience, we’d recommend adding custom light fixtures into the mix. Turn to PTY Custom Lighting for elegant and timeless light designs, so your hotel brand becomes apparent the moment guests walk in. Contact us today!

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