5 Good Qualities of Hospitality Lighting Design

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5 Good Qualities of Hospitality Lighting Design

When you think of a concept for hospitality, it’s the experience that should be on top priority. One way in achieving a great customer experience is to set the mood of the environment. With this being said, your lighting plays a vital role in setting the tone of your place of hospitality. Moreover, it is the basis of an excellent architectural design since it contributes to a consistent whole. Hence, hospitality lighting design must be planned and considered to achieve that quality purpose and experience.

In this article, you’ll discover the things you should consider when choosing your hospitality lighting design. These factors will help you decide the right lighting quality to make your guests feel comfortable and welcome. If you are planning for custom hospitality lighting, then you should check out the following qualities.

5 Good Qualities of Hospitality Lighting Design

1. Lighting Codes and Standards

To eliminate redesigns or scheduled delays, ensure that the custom lighting fixture follows the Standard or International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). This code is designed for having an energy efficiency for design and construction requirements. It also dictates the path illumination inside or outside of the building powered by a battery pack, generators, or transfer switch with an inverter.

2. Efficiency and Lifecycle Costs

Related to the Lighting Codes and Standards, look out for your lighting fixtures’ efficiency and lifecycle costs. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, lighting accounts for more than 10% of the total electricity consumed in a corporate building. A good custom lighting fixture can provide an enjoyable environment for its customers while complying with the states’ codes and green building efforts.

3. Sustainability

Aside from thinking about the design, it is crucial to consider sustainability as one of the factors of the customers’ overall experience. Whether you manage a hotel, casino, or restaurant, having a green campaign entices consumers in patronizing your service. Lightings should be environmentally friendly to achieve energy efficiency as well. This factor can help your lighting construction project save costs in longer terms.

4. Lighting Levels

Make sure your custom lighting levels are in line with the specifications of your space because the lighting levels required are different for each type of space. A good hospitality lighting design follows the specific criteria of lighting levels suitable for the space’s requirements and purpose.

5. Maintenance

A good hospitality lighting design requires maintenance to ensure the quality and safety of the lighting fixture is still in place. In addition, it enhances its qualities and purpose since it is being checked from time to time whether it needs replacement or upgrade.


Whether for a hotel, casino, or restaurant, having a good hospitality lighting design adds up to the total satisfaction of the guests or customers. Thus, factoring in the qualities mentioned above can guide you with the suitable lighting standard to choose.

To help you with your hospitality lighting design, PTY Custom Lighting offers custom lighting services for hospitality by delivering design, quality materials, and functional pieces. In addition, we can serve as your decorative lighting manufacturers in the USA to brighten up your space with the best custom lighting. Contact us today for more information or a free quote!

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