4 Tips to Remember When Designing the Lighting of Your Bar

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4 Tips to Remember When Designing the Lighting of Your Bar

A bar is a place to spend a few hours unwinding and having fun with friends while sipping a few cocktails and enjoying the band. Depending on the type of bar, however, expectations may differ. At the end of the day, a bar is all about selling an experience. If you’re planning to open a bar soon, you should know that the place’s appeal to people is just as important as the drinks you sell or the staff you train.

Lighting Affects the Place’s Mood

Besides choosing furniture and placing them in just the right place, a well-thought-out lighting plan can help communicate the mood and energy you want your bar to exude. Your lighting choices can change the overall look and feel of the place. It can draw customers in or put them off quickly. 

Low lighting is best if you want to make your place look relaxed or romantic. Placing dim lights surrounded by accent lighting gives the feeling of intimacy between guests. Implementing this in your bar can encourage more customers to stay longer. The use of bright lighting, on the other hand, can provide more stimulation among guests. It keeps your guests more awake and alert. That is why it is often used in shops like cafes, dessert shops, and family restaurants. 

In this article, we will give out some useful pointers to remember when designing the lighting of your bar: 

Tip 1: Make Sure That Your Lighting Fixtures Go Well With Your Interior Design

Even if you’ve decided on low lights for your bar, you shouldn’t just be buying the first dimmable lights that you see and installing them wherever you want. Lighting plays a big role in an establishment’s decor. The fixtures, hues, and placement should contribute to a design that is both cohesive and thematic.

You need to find the ideal light designs and also carefully plan where they should be placed. Sometimes, the light locations can help you determine what kind of lighting you need to put in the particular area. Would you need a light with more intensity in one corner? Or would you need warmer lights on one side of the room?

Tip 2: Play With Different Types of Lighting

If you want to bring depth and dimension to your space, experiment by using different lighting. This tip is vital, especially if you have a large space. 

Proper lighting can help differentiate every area that your bar has. If you have sofa areas, high bar areas, or dining areas, the right lighting can emphasize their differences. Lights can immediately draw attention to the dance floor while leaving a few corners more intimate. 

Bringing light to space may be the light fixture’s main purpose, but each one has a specific function and adds layers to the overall room. By using the right light fixture, you can accentuate particular areas, guide people, or simply use them as decorative pieces. 

Tip 3: Avoid Directly Pointing Lights Towards a Client’s Face

Whether in the seating area, dining area, or the bathroom, placing a light pointing directly towards your guest’s face could only bring annoyance, harsh shadow, or dazzle to them. Avoid it as much as possible.

Tip 4: Invest in Lamps That Are Compatible With LED Bulbs

Lamps are a typical lighting fixture found in bars. If you plan to get a few for your bar, make sure they are LED bulb-friendly, especially if you plan to keep your bar open for long hours. LED is energy-efficient, bringing significant change to your monthly electricity bill.


Lights play an important role in increasing your establishment’s appeal. They change the mood, look, and feel of the place, which are some factors that would make or break your bar. Make sure not to forget this crucial element when planning the design of your bar.

If you want to be unique and experimental, you can always opt for custom light fixtures. PTY Custom Lighting can provide you the custom interior lighting situation you imagine for your bar. Contact us today at +1 (855) 303 4500 or [email protected] to learn how we can help. 


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