4 Factors to Consider When Improving Your Restaurant Lighting

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4 Factors to Consider When Improving Your Restaurant Lighting

Whenever potential customers hear about your restaurant from a recommendation, they will most likely look up your restaurant on the Internet. As customers come and go, they usually will upload photos online and these circulating photos can invite more customers in or drive them away, especially in terms of the lighting.

As a manager, your priority should be the satisfaction of your customers who are inside your restaurant. This is why your dining lighting will significantly impact the way your customers enjoy the food, as well as the overall environment.

To avoid disappointing your frequent diners and risk losing their loyalty, we will share four essential factors to consider when improving the lighting of your branch:

Time of Day and Seasons

Is your restaurant open the whole day? There are breakfast restaurants that are open only during the first half of the day, or dinner restaurants only available in the evening. Your restaurant lighting must be customized according to the time of the day that you are operating. Another factor that you must consider is the seasons where your restaurant is located.

A brighter light source in the morning will be best for a customer having a quick breakfast before working or a senior who wants to read a newspaper while starting the day. On the other hand, lighting will need to be dim when it comes to night dining to give a more relaxing and intimate atmosphere.


An elegant custom chandelier completes a fancy restaurant but putting too much may look overwhelming. If your restaurant is more extensive, do not use too many lights as they may look odd and inconsistent. Instead, use at least three to four lights of the same design to achieve consistency.

The Food

Have you ever wondered why most fast-food restaurants are colored red? It’s because colors affect the appetite of customers. According to the psychology of colors, red is the most appealing color to trigger a craving.

The main reason people come into your restaurant could be the food that you serve. There are two things to keep in mind to determine the right amount of light that you should apply in a way that doesn’t alter your customer’s prescription of your food.

Not having custom restaurant lighting will make your cuisines look bland and unsavory. On the other hand, too much lighting may also disappoint your customers if it appears to look different as it should. Don’t waste the chef’s effort in cooking delicious foods if the lights will just make the food unappealing.

The People

When we say people, we are including your restaurant staff. Lighting is not just for aesthetic purposes, but its primary purpose is also to illuminate the area. For this reason, be sure to install proper lighting in areas where it needs to be bright. For example, the kitchen must have appropriate lighting to allow the chefs to see what they are putting in the food. Adequate lighting in the kitchen can also help prevent accidents like slipping on spilled water.


Your restaurant may serve the best cuisines in the area or have the most commended services among restaurants. Despite that, you’ll be depriving your customers of an overall good experience if your restaurant has lousy lighting. Tour your eyes around the establishment and inspect a few things. Does it lack emotion? Does it look gloomy? You will never know how much good lighting helps until you work on improving it.

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