3 Tips to Redecorate Your Hotels With Custom Lighting

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3 Tips to Redecorate Your Hotels With Custom Lighting

Using custom lighting and design principles in your hospitality space can enable your hotel business to be more inviting to customers. However, you may not have any ideas on how to do that. You may also be overwhelmed with your many options since there are different hotel lighting suppliers out there. But don’t worry; we will provide you with the practical tips you need to help you make well-informed interior design decisions. 

This article will discuss three tips that you, as the hotel owner, can look into as you consider purchasing hotel lighting. Take this as an opportunity to venture into worthwhile expenditures, allowing you to grow your hospitality business and become a leading hotel provider in your area! 

1. Look into low-light fixtures to enhance your clientele’s romantic hospitality experience

Take advantage of having couples as a big percentage of your target market. They often head to hotels like yours to spend time with their significant other and enjoy the amenities. Therefore, having an overly formal and outdated interior design may not do your coupled-up guests any favors.

The best way to easily provide a wonderful experience to your couple clients without breaking your bank is to add custom lighting. Preferably, you want to add low-light fixtures with romantic hues, such as subtle reds and pinks. However, be careful since there’s a fine line between making a space more inviting and sending the wrong message. Fortunately, you can pick the perfect lighting with an experienced hospitality lighting provider, like our team at PTY Lighting

2. Utilize pops of color in wall lighting to add intrigue and excitement to boring accommodations 

Your hotel may have a lot of extra vacant space that you aren’t utilizing, and you may want to add decorations to improve the overall aesthetic. But you can also look at this as an opportunity to add exciting, visually-appealing lighting. It’s a welcome addition since you can expect more customers to be drawn into your improved accommodations. 

For instance, you may have different private suites in your hotel. Through the years, you may have a traditional interior design scheme that may be elegant but outdated. It can turn your hotel guests off, affecting their hotel experience and reminding them not to consider your hospitality business next time. 

Fortunately, you can easily entice your guests’ senses and allure for your accommodations if you utilize the right wall lighting. It’s also cost-effective since you can conveniently turn off the lights when not in use, and you can turn it back on when you have guests—the perfect interior design solution to add vibrance and prestige to your accommodations!  

3. Brighten up your restaurants and lounge areas with the best hotel lighting 

Many hotel owners know that an in-house restaurant is a must as a staple to the hospitality experience. However, they fail to realize that ambiance is a contributing factor as well. 

As a hotel owner, invest in the best custom light fixtures to brighten up your restaurant. That way, your guests can enjoy their meal and take in the celebratory atmosphere, leaving you with outstanding customer reviews and a profitable hotel business! 


Refreshing your hotel’s design with custom lighting can be a tedious process, especially if you lack the professional experience and connections with reputable suppliers. Fortunately, you now have a better, more practical understanding of what you need. All you have to do is connect with the right provider who can bring you different lighting options. Consider all the previously mentioned tips and redecorate your hotel! 

PTY Custom Lighting can offer you the best hospitality lighting fixtures to improve your hotel business’s design and allure. We are your dedicated team of experienced lighting professionals, providing you with a full range of furnishings to add value and prestige to your commercial space. Claim your free quote from us today! 

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