3 Tips to Properly Lighting a Hotel Room

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3 Tips to Properly Lighting a Hotel Room

When it comes to glamorizing a hotel room and ensuring it feels welcoming, homey, yet affordably luxurious, it’s not the furniture or decorative accessories that can set a sophisticated foundation. Hotel rooms that look beautiful, but feel dingy can immediately turn guests off, which begs the question: what can transform the room in more ways than one? It’s the lighting!

There’s no doubt that the best lighting fixture can elevate the comfort, safety, and aesthetics of a hotel room, but not all are made the same. There are different lighting systems that you can play around with to create a dynamic space, which is why the guide below should shed some light on some design rules you should know: 

Tip #1: Always Add Three Light Sources in Your Hotel Room 

The ceiling light isn’t the only type of fixture that can enhance the space, even if you do invest in a grandiose choice such as a chandelier. They say that three times’ the charm, so the best way to highlight balance in a room is to add three light sources to ensure every corner has its dedicated lighting. 

Beyond the overhead light, adding table lamps can help frame the bed in a relaxing way. Statement pendant lights can also add a stunning focal point to the room while adding a corner lamp can turn an awkward angle into a cozy, reading nook. 

Tip #2: Go for Sustainable Lighting Solutions Using LED Lights

When it comes to choosing the best lighting solution for your hotel, it’s not all about their decorative impact. You can do the world a favor by switching your old lighting system to LED light bulbs, allowing you to reap thousands of dollars worth in energy-savings thanks to their low energy consumption, longevity, and easy usage. 

The best part is that it also won’t feel hot to the touch, so you don’t have to worry about guests burning their fingers if they ever get the idea of handling the bulbs. 

Tip #3: Boost Your Hotel’s Luxurious Feel by Adding Wadrobe Lights

Adding recessed lights or strip lights inside the wardrobe isn’t a necessary step, but it can definitely illuminate the dressing area without having to rely on other fixtures in the room.

The Bottom Line: The Role of Lighting in Hotel Design 

The right lighting fixtures can set the foundation of every room, but it’s especially important in hotels since it can add a higher level of comfort and understated elegance to the place. It can highlight the design of the room and create a warm atmosphere, making it the kind of hotel that people would love to stay. 

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