3 Reasons to Work With a Lighting Designer for Your Hotel

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3 Reasons to Work With a Lighting Designer for Your Hotel

The importance of hotel lighting design is often overlooked because most people immediately shift their focus to more “tangible” features, like the furniture, architecture, and overall design of the space. What many people don’t notice is that the lighting works its best magic when it adds—not distracts—from the theme of the place. When done right, custom lighting should bring out the best of your interior design without stealing the spotlight!

When it comes to hospitality establishments like a hotel, lighting is essential to create a good first impression. Your hotel’s ambiance, as provided by the custom lighting, will set a mood way before your front desk even says a word!

For this reason, you must invest in the services of an expert in custom lighting design and fixtures. Here are three reasons why you should hire a lighting designer for your hotel.

They are updated with the latest lighting trends

You may not notice it, but your choice of custom lighting design can either make your hotel keep up with the times or make it look like something from a period piece. Though there is nothing wrong with sticking to the classics, other considerations, such as sustainability, ease-of-use, and convenience, are also lighting trends that you should be aware of!

For example, while incandescent and fluorescent lamps used to be the primary choice for both residential and commercial spaces, nowadays, they have been largely supplanted by LED lights. This is because LED lights are more energy-efficient, and can even come with advanced features, like remote functionality and light customization. 

Regardless of your preferences for lighting design, a lighting designer will be able to give you the latest options to help you achieve your vision.

They can incorporate lighting into the architecture for an ambient feel 

Traditionally, the overall design of a space, including lighting design, was left to either an architect or an interior designer. As a result, lighting fixtures were considered more as an afterthought—a necessity for illumination but not necessarily integrated into the overall design!

A lighting designer will pitch creative lighting ideas that will help your hotel achieve stand out and become memorable to your guests. Because they are solely focused on lighting, they will be able to give it the proper attention that it deserves. As a result, innovative lighting ideas can be carried out and integrated into the final architectural or interior design plans. 

They know which lighting fixtures to use

Using their extensive knowledge of lighting trends and designs, they will be able to incorporate creative ideas that will help elevate your guest’s experience. Lighting designers understand how certain hues can enhance or alter a person’s mood and will use this to maximize the comfort and enjoyment of your guests. For example, since warm lights produce a calming and comforting effect, lighting designers will intentionally use those colors in bedrooms, dining areas, and lounges. 

Because lighting designers are always updated with the latest in lighting technology, they can also think out of the box in looking for creative lighting solutions. As mentioned before, programmable LED lights have become all the rage and can be used to create a versatile lighting solution. 

These kinds of high-tech light fixtures will have built-in functionality that allows you to change the color of the lights to project a certain mood or atmosphere. For example, on normal days, your hotel restaurant might be bathed in golden light; however, with a few taps on a remote or smartphone app, you can turn your dining hall into a classy bar with sultry shades of blue and red!


The possibilities with both aesthetic and functional lighting are endless. By working with a lighting designer, you can go beyond traditional lighting designs and help your establishment stand out in the eyes and minds of your guests. 

Your search for the best custom lighting manufacturers is over with PTY Custom Lighting! Our lighting designers are equipped with the latest trends and expertise to help you bring the vision of your hospitality business to life. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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