3 Newest Trends in Guest Room Lighting – Our Guide

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3 Newest Trends in Guest Room Lighting – Our Guide

Custom and decorative lighting have become widely popular in the hospitality industry over the past years. Whether it is for a hotel, restaurant, or recreational space, having well-designed lights in the area can make all the difference in reeling in guests. Not only does this selection process entail choosing the right bulbs, but it also involves deciding on the fixture design for your room. After all, there’s more to brightening up your guest’s space than you might expect.

In this article, we’ll cover the three latest trends in guest room lighting that you may want to incorporate into your property:

1. Built-in millwork 

In the past, you may have typically seen free-standing items in any guest room. Also, there was a time when you might have noticed large furniture pieces, separate closets, standalone desk units, and individual light fixtures. Today, built-in woodwork has been all the rage in the hospitality industry, where it’s easy to see wooden case goods directly installed in any guest room.

As far as lighting is concerned, you can have a swivel lamp installed on a wall or lights positioned on the headboard. Fixtures do not necessarily have to be separated as they can also be incorporated into any wooden space in your guest room. Ultimately, architectural placement is the key to effective room enhancement, whether through ambient or task lighting.

2. Light fixtures as statement pieces

Did you know that there’s a vast array of light fixtures available in the market? They come in various shapes and sizes, lighting colors, as well as styles and designs. For this reason, you can choose something that fits your room and make a bold statement that appeals to your guests.

For instance, you can select a lamp base with a geometric model, instead of the usual round shape. Likewise, you can opt for something with metal and glass-like material, which are both popular options today. Adding to this selection is a laser-cut pattern over neutral color for your lampshade, which is an example of how you can utilize light fixtures as statement pieces.

3. Sustainable lighting

Today, there has been a worldwide clamor on saving the environment and practicing sustainability. Even the hospitality industry is asked to keep up with this change, which is why there has been an ongoing trend focused on utilizing sustainable lighting. With technological advancements, the game for hospitality lighting has been changing, and that is where LED lighting comes into the picture.

LED technology is now the leading option due to its energy efficiency, safety, aesthetics, and sustainability features. Whenever you are investing in light bulbs, floor lamps, or other decorative lighting fixtures, be sure to go for LED options. Doing so will create the best lighting experiences for your guests while saving your company’s energy costs and the environment at the same time.


At this point, we’ve covered the three latest lighting trends for guest rooms—built-in millwork, light fixtures as statement pieces, and sustainable lighting. As a business in the hospitality industry, you must have a conscious effort in setting proper lighting for your space, whether the guest rooms of your hotel or your lodging place. Even simple lighting designs and options can make a difference in your room’s ambiance and your hospitality business’s overall appeal!

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