3 Lighting Tips to Make Your Restaurant Feel Welcoming

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3 Lighting Tips to Make Your Restaurant Feel Welcoming

Propelling your restaurant business forward should involve more than just offering your unique menu and excellent customer service. You have to provide an overall quality dining experience. In fact, many casual dining customers say ambiance plays an important role in their dining choice, so you need to consider your establishment’s interior design.

One of the most overlooked aspects of restaurant design is the lighting. However, it needs to be prioritized because it has the power to create the look and feel of your space. To build a homey atmosphere for your restaurant, here are some lighting tips and tricks you can try:

Be prepared in case your LED fixtures burn out

Using LED light sources is a wise business decision because they are more energy-efficient, more durable, and offer a better light quality than standard incandescent and fluorescent lighting. With the amount of energy you can save, they actually pay for themselves when you switch to or invest in them.

While LED technology offers many benefits, it is still largely under development and changes quickly. LED products change so frequently that lighting repair and maintenance professionals have trouble constantly learning all their new features. 

In other words, finding a repair shop that offers services for LED products is highly unlikely. Because of this, you have to consider what happens once your LED fixture runs out or fails since it could affect your business. 

One option you can try is to purchase plenty of extra bulbs from a trusted restaurant lighting supplier. This way, you can ensure the color and initial brightness of all your restaurant lighting fixtures are consistent, even when you need to replace a bulb in the future. 

Focus on the contrast of the lights

Our pupils are forced to adjust dramatically every time our eyes move from one surface to another. The more muscles get exerted, the more your customers will experience headaches and discomfort. Fortunately, you can prevent this issue by creating functional restaurant lighting. 

The secret to having a brightly and evenly light establishment is to balance the amount of light in an area with colors and surfaces and avoid getting your space as bright as possible. A good rule of thumb is to use lighting that is no more than ten times as bright as walls and floors within the light of sight and no more than three times as bright as the surfaces. Doing this prevents eye strain and glare and lets your patrons read the menu efficiently and enjoy how you present their meals.

Get the proper balance between contrast and brightness 

Many restaurant owners make the common mistake of using one singular dim light over a table to light up the guests’ dining area. But since the small amount of light is being contrasted with very dark surfaces, your lighting fixture will appear very bright to your customers’ eyes. 

The discomfort is due to the improper contrast and balance between the light sources and the inability of human eyes to adjust as fast as possible. As a result, they can get completely uncomfortable when reading the menu or looking around the room since their eyes cannot adjust quickly.

Reduce the risk of visual discomfort by illuminating other areas of your restaurant and painting the surfaces with a lighter color to reflect more light. You can also hire a custom lighting supplier to ensure you get the right balance between light contrast and brightness.


You should offer a dining experience that appeals to all senses and not just the taste of the food and drinks. Because of this, you have to prioritize the lighting of your establishment. Follow the tips and tricks listed above to transform your space and ensure your guests will have a wonderful time in your restaurant.

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