3 Lighting Fixes That Elevate Your Guests’ Hotel Room Stay

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3 Lighting Fixes That Elevate Your Guests’ Hotel Room Stay

Hotel room lighting is an important aspect of the hospitality industry and it plays a huge role in guest experience. It has developed over the years with modern technology, such as the use of LEDs, and more and more creative and innovative ways of improving lighting have surfaced.

However, some hotels are still relying on outdated techniques and equipment. This leads to decreased customer satisfaction and possibly turning off visitors  As such, there are three important rules of lighting for you to consider the next time you renovate or build in your hotel.

Have adjustable lights in your rooms

First, use bedside lamps that shine just right. Avoid extreme brightness; the last thing you want is for guests to be blinded as soon as they wake up and turn on the lamps. Comfort should be built into every room, and that includes having lights that can respond quickly to your guests’ needs. You can address this problem by installing lamps that are intentionally dim or have adjustable lights settings.

Allowing this adjustability can help guests use the amount of lighting they need any time of the day without disturbing the peace in the room. Ensure all the lamps provide adjustable levels of light so that the guests can use as many or as few as they want for their convenience.

Give guests options for which lights to use

Second, make sure that all the lights in the room can be switched off easily. In hotel lighting design, it is important to give guests options as to which lights they want to switch on in the room. However, they should be provided the ease to turn all of these lights off with just one push of the button.

Guests will be able to save time by not going around the room and switching lights one-by-one. One of the promises of staying in a hotel is convenience, and it becomes counterproductive when you have to walk around a room turning lights off. Install central switches in the most accessible points in the room—one by the main doorway, and one near the bed.

Make sure bathroom lights do not flicker

Lastly, install bathroom lights that turn on immediately when you flip the switch. It may seem like a trivial matter, but guests still waste time when they wait for the lights to slowly flicker on. Replace traditional fluorescent with LEDs, which are more convenient and versatile.

Compared to fluorescent light, LEDs emit a softer and gentler light, which are needed for a better hygiene experience. Additionally, make sure there is a variety of lights that can be used in the bathroom, like backlights for mirrors and overhead lights for showers, with their own adjustable switches.


Overall, the most important rule to consider is to give the guests control over the lighting in their hotel room. People have different lighting needs during the day, and if you give them a way to quickly adjust their lighting, it will make their experience smoother. This will definitely lead to guests having fond memories of their stay at your establishment.

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