3 Lighting Design Tips That Are Visually Striking and Functional

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3 Lighting Design Tips That Are Visually Striking and Functional

The lighting plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall look and feel of interior space – affecting the visibility and contributing to the atmosphere’s mood. The best lighting fixtures can enhance one’s safety all while complementing the decor, making it an important architectural accent that should add panache to your home as much as it is a practice choice. 

Integrating lighting in your home can set the mood in times when there’s no natural light to bask your space in a soft and warm glow. It also creates a visually dynamic layer to the room, calling attention to focal points and atmospheric corners.

If you want to achieve a rich lighting design plan beyond brightening up the room, consider the tips below:

Tip #1: Layer your Lighting Fixtures 

Relying on ceiling lights alone can make the space feel flat, but blending different fixtures can introduce more texture, color, and mood to your home. Using overhead lighting, for example, can get rid of harsh shadows and a generally richer ambiance. 

Follow it up with task lighting over specific areas in a room, such as table lamps for reading nooks and strip lights to illuminate the kitchen’s work station. Lastly, you can complete the trio using accent lighting to highlight the main attraction in the area such as pendant lights over the kitchen island. 

Tip #2: Consider the Scale and Proportions 

The space of the room will greatly impact the lighting design that best suits the space, so be sure to choose fixtures that complement the length and width of the area. When the measurements of the room are 12 x 12, the best spacing for the light should follow a diameter of two feet for every 24 inches. 

As for adding fixtures over the dining tabletop, the golden rule is to opt for half to three-quarters of the diameter of the table to strike a sense of balance. When it comes to the lighting proportions, the limit is your imagination! 

Adding a lamp to your side table doesn’t mean you need to match the other end with the same type of lighting. You can mix it around by adding a floor lamp instead for a more visually appealing yet asymmetrical look.

Tip #3: Strike a Balance between Natural Light and your Lighting Fixtures 

Nothing beats the mood-boosting effects of natural lighting, so it’s always a good idea to make room for it to illuminate your space without clashing with the room’s fixtures. When lighting balconies, windows, and any other areas that welcome plenty of natural light, it helps to add dimmer lights so it doesn’t create an uncomfortable contrast.

The Bottom Line: Shedding Light on Fixtures that Offer Form and Function in your Interior Space

It’s easy to box lighting design as something that only increases a room’s visibility, but it’s an excellent way to express your creativity and taste at home. The best lighting can enhance the form and function of your space by adding color and texture, allowing the room to feel more visually dynamic.

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