3 Key Factors to Light Up Your Hospitality Business Properly

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3 Key Factors to Light Up Your Hospitality Business Properly

The reason proper lighting is important is simple: it attracts customers. Unfortunately, lighting up a hospitality business property is a lot harder than one might realize. A lot of time and thought has to be put into picking the right lighting solution. Everything from the light’s location down to the light’s color and even intensity needs to be considered. Otherwise, the property won’t be lit up properly, creating the wrong atmosphere for the establishment. 

That being said, if you are trying to light up your hospitality business property properly, here are some considerations you need to make for proper lighting:

The Light

Different lamps have different types of the type they emit. Some will emit warm lamps, while others will emit natural light. These two types of light are not the same, and they generally bring a different feel to your business. For instance, if you want to look for a light that gives a cozy atmosphere during the day and even at night, you can opt for lamps that emit a warm light. If you are looking for something more daylight-like to give your business the most natural look, natural light lamps are the way to go.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to consider the efficiency of the lamp as well. Solutions like LED lighting consume tiny amounts of electricity and produce high-quality light. If you are looking for an energy-efficient light that does not emit much heat, LED lighting is what you should be looking for.

The Place

Apart from the types of light a lamp can emit, the lamp’s location is also a factor to consider. Different lights are meant for different areas, and each lamp can bring a different look and feel to specific spaces depending on how they’re installed. For example, if you want to highlight something and create the feel of importance, lighting directly over the object will create that sense of importance.

No matter how you use light, always remember one rule: don’t leave any shade. If you need extra light points to eliminate shade from business space, invest in extra lighting and implement them properly. This keeps your hospitality business well-lit and attractive, motivating customers to come to you!

The Lamps

Once you’ve considered the above factors, picking a lamp is quite straightforward. Of course, you can simply pick simple lamps that meet your criteria, but if you want to step it up a notch, you can also pay attention to the personality or feel the lamp brings to your business property. If you are looking for rustic lamps, then you will look for ones that look elegant and traditional. If you want something sleek, then you will look for more contemporary designs that help your hospitality business property look modern! 

Again, the lamps you pick need to meet your requirements, but don’t forget to consider how they look, too!


When implementing light into your hospitality business, please consider the factors we’ve shared above. They’ll all play a role in just how effective your lighting solution is and how they can help bring your business towards success! If you need help installing lights or coming up with custom lighting to meet your business needs. Don’t be afraid to reach out to professionals for such a service. They will ensure your business is well-lit, attracting customers from far and wide to come to you and ensuring that you create positive impressions to keep your audience happy.

PTY Custom Lighting are decorative lighting experts to help hospitality businesses shed new light onto their properties to create the best impressions for the highest chances of success. If you are looking for custom hospitality lighting in the US, reach out to us today!

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