3 Design Guides to Make Your Hotel Rooms More Hospitable

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3 Design Guides to Make Your Hotel Rooms More Hospitable

So, you looked for a hotel online and found this accommodation with the best rooms among its competitors, and you booked a reservation. You were so excited to finally step your foot in that room, and you finally did! But then, it just doesn’t feel as comfortable as you expected it to be.

Keep in mind that people go to hotels for many purposes but the main reason they check in is to take a quick break from the daily rush and have a short relaxing experience. Being in a hotel is the easiest way to escape from the city stress. While people expect to be pampered in hotel facilities and services, they are sometimes met with frustrations that affect their experience.

In this guide, we will share several factors that you must consider when designing your hotel rooms to make them more worth it for your guests:

Opt for Neutral Colors

Of course, not all hotels have the same mood. Some may risk playing with many colors, but a colorful room, even when professionally mixed and matched, does not appeal to everyone. Neutral tones can be considered charmless, but the colors of these shades are classic, which people find most relaxing today. In fact, neutral tones are being used by influencers because the new generation also finds them more aesthetically pleasing.

Neutral shades create a cozy atmosphere when mixed. You can apply it on the wall and textiles combined with the darker tone of a wooden floor. A neutral room is also easy to accentuate with more colored elements but still won’t hurt the eyes.

Add Accessories

After finalizing the neutral tones of the hotel rooms, it will not be easier to add accessories. Keep in mind that accessories add elegance and character to the room but make sure not to overdo it so that it does not become too intimidating for the guests.

A classic wall light will always fit a hotel room, especially when strategically placed. Decorative lighting manufacturers will know what accent lights to give you upon seeing your hotel room. Wall lights create indirect lighting that emphasizes other accessories or spots in the room. An abstract or floral wall painting can even add to the wonderful view of the room.

Also, a good way to accessorize the room is through the biggest and most noticeable fixture, such as the bedspread and the floor carpet. You may ask for help from interior experts to pick the best complementing colors and designs for these two.

Mind the Direct Lighting

Going back to the visitor’s problem earlier, the direct lighting could be the problem in the room. Direct lighting is just as important as indirect lighting inside the room because it is the first thing that guests turn on upon entering the room. Usually, direct lighting in hotel rooms is in the form of a custom chandelier. Once illuminated, it should highlight the overall tone and accessories inside the room. If the indirect lighting is not fit to the room, you might find your guests spending most of their time outside their rooms and it is a bad impression on your hotel.

Because of this, the direct lighting must fit the size of the room and should have ample light to brighten, if not the entire room, at least the majority of the space. The fixtures in the bathroom should also have good direct lighting to create a comfortable environment.


Hotels are known for their class and elegance. As much as you want to put all the expensive pieces in your hotel rooms to be considered world-class, you should not disregard the fact that hotel rooms must reflect hospitality. These claims will come from your guests and not from the fixtures inside the hotel rooms. Now that you know the factors that affect the mood of the room, you should already know that direct lighting should be the top consideration.

If you want to emphasize elegance and hospitality in your hotel, you should opt for custom hospitality lighting from PTY Custom Lighting. With our help, you will be able to welcome your guests with a brighter day ahead. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products!

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