3 Considerations to Make When Creating a Homey Hotel

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3 Considerations to Make When Creating a Homey Hotel

Hotels are homes away from home, or at least that is the way they should be. A guest should feel welcomed, comfortable, and secure in a hotel as soon as they enter its premises. Unfortunately, many hotels today are nothing more than square rooms with a bed. They end up feeling more like a prison than anything. This hurts not only a guest’s experience but also the hotel’s reputation. So, what can you do to ensure your hotel offers the best welcoming environment? Here are a few considerations to make.

1. Fabrics

Today, hotels have a massive variety of fabric choices compared to before. From material to design, all sorts of fabrics are available and can create a stunning and homely hotel. Thanks to technology, all these fabrics offer fantastic durability, ensuring that your hotel feels cozy and looks aesthetically pleasing and that the materials will last.

A great example of this kind of change involves bedding. With all the advancements in recent years, bedding has come a long way in terms of great aesthetics and excellent durability. This means that many homeowners are now using hospitality bedding in their residences, making it a given that hotels should have them, too.

2. Carpets and Rugs

Many hotels have also used mass carpeting within their premises. They cover every inch of floor available with carpets to achieve a comfortable flooring solution throughout their facilities. While doing so may certainly provide comfort, it may feel as if there is no segregation between different rooms. This is unlike residential properties, where there are distinct separations between different rooms.

Area rugs provide a great alternative to break up spaces and segregate different areas even if there is no wall in between. These can be used to separate different spaces such as the lobby, library, bar, and so on, making a hotel feel more like a residential property than a commercial one.

3. Lighting

One of the most critical yet forgotten aspects of any hotel design is the lighting. Before, hotels would be illuminated by multiple massive fixtures that could only be switched on and off. As a result, one of the most common complaints was about how a hotel may be too bright or too dark.

The simple answer to this big problem is to implement controllable lighting in your rooms. From table lamps to ceiling lights, all of these lighting fixtures should be adjustable to emit the right amount of light. This goes even better if the light’s temperature can also be adjusted, warmer light for a cozier feeling, and cooler light for a more energized environment. 


Your hotel’s primary goal is not to make it feel like commercial property, but a residential one. Once your guests can say that they feel at home when they arrive at your doorsteps, you have achieved great success.

If that is yet to happen, do consider applying the above tips we have shared. Segregate the rooms, use adjustable lighting, and take advantage of the right fabrics. With all of these elements working together, you can create a homey atmosphere in your hotel that makes guests feel welcome.

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