Hotel Programs: Guestrooms and Public Spaces – Cambria Suites, Texas

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Hotel Programs: Guestrooms and Public Spaces – Cambria Suites, Texas 1
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Cambria Hotel & Suites is an upscale brand of Choice Hotels that provides top-notch, modern accommodations targeted towards today’s discriminating business traveler.

PTY Lighting provided custom lighting design services to the Cambria Hotel & Suites in McAllen, Texas. This hotel is connected to the McAllen Convention Center and is a critical hub for commercial travelers and convention-goers. It also has close proximity to the airport, with free airport transportation.

As an important commercial hub, the Cambria Hotel & Suites McAllen Convention Center needed to project a very modern and appealing design aesthetic, especially with its decorative lighting.

We know, from speaking with our clients, how hard it is to find a vendor to provide quality lighting for both guest rooms and public spaces, on time, as expected.

As this project had a relatively short time span, from March to September of 2016, we had to work quickly and efficiently to design and produce the custom interior lighting that would be the

finishing touches on the hotel.

The key companies we worked with on this project were Choice Hotels, corporate owners of the Cambria Hotel & Suites Brand, O’Reilly Hospitality, a leading hospitality company that designs and develops hotels, and Layton Construction, the 14th largest hospitality construction firm in the United States.

In working with these companies, we offered our full consultation services in all stages of the process. From the initial design to the manufacture and shipping of the lights, PTY Lighting was there every step of the way to help create a unique look for this beautiful, modern hotel.

As hospitality lighting manufacturers, we know that with the sophisticated consumers of today, you can’t have lighting that looks cheap. This is especially true when it comes to hotel lighting fixtures. They need to be either memorable as a design statement or provide subtle accents to a guest room or lounge. One thing these lights can’t be is tacky, unsuitably old-fashioned, or obtrusive.

1. Lounges and Common Areas

The public-facing areas at the Cambria Hotel & Suites McAllen Convention Center need to provide a sense of wow and impact but in a subtle way. With clean, sharp lines reminiscent of Mid-Century Modern design, but updated for the new millennia, the iconic, sturdy furniture needed creative lighting to accent it.

Our lighting solutions included custom pendant lighting, including some with simple brass lines and accents.

In one of the smaller lounge areas, we helped design an upside-down forest of hanging old-school lightbulbs, which gives the room a playful yet sophisticated air.

Each lighting fixture chosen for the public lounge areas was designed to accent the room perfectly while providing bright enough lighting to enable guests to relax, chat with friends, or check up on the latest stock news on their smartphones.

2. Restaurants and Eating Areas

The restaurants and public eating areas in the Cambria Hotel & Suites McAllen Convention Center mix stone, wood, and metal with vibrant colors and tactile fabrics. Along one row of tables, a collection of pendant lights hangs in a line, providing a visual demarcation for the room and the perfect level of lighting for customers enjoying their meals.

At the bar, sleek semi-circles of black hang down in a staggered array from a lit circular area in the ceiling. The effect is cozy yet striking.

3. Conference Rooms

The Cambria’s conference rooms needed more than just your standard “blah” hotel lighting. They needed to be more than boring schoolrooms or office space so no cheap fluorescent light panels would do.

Keeping with the Mid-Century design theme, the conference rooms’ custom chandeliers recall the fascination with the atom during the “atomic age” from 1940 to 1960, with spherical lights emanating off of black spokes.

These slightly whimsical custom light fixtures add just the right touch of pizazz to what would otherwise be a more functional room. The grey carpet, which is accented with darker grey rectangles in various sizes and directions, provides visual balance to the round lights above.

4. Guest Rooms

The Cambria Hotel & Suites McAllen Convention Center guest rooms continued in the streamlined style of the lobby and public areas. Grays, woods, and rich browns are appointed in rich fabrics, hardwood floors, and real wood accents.

The guest room lighting needed to be functional and fashionable. Chrome or bronze desk lamps were designed as classic hinged lamps, with a slight retro feel but immaculate lines.

Larger room laps follow the Mid-Century theme, with graceful curved stands supporting large white lampshades.

Wall sconces provide extra light for reading as well as an additional quality of metal to balance the strong wood theme of the walls and hardwood floors.


We Are Expert Hotel Lighting Manufacturers

PTY Lighting specializes in hospitality lighting. Our results speak for themselves, which is why we are one of the most in-demand hotel lighting manufacturers in the United States. We don’t just help with the design of custom lights, but we manufacturer our lights in-house. This means that we can create high-end work at a reasonable price.

If you need hotel room lighting, contact us at PTY Lighting. We can work with all types of designs and styles, from Mid-Century Modern to Victorian. Whether you have a large hotel chain or a boutique bed and breakfast, we can help create just the right mood lighting to make your guests feel at home and want to come back for another stay.